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Why hire a professional photographer

Shooting photos well takes skills, years of practice, overcome struggles and using the right equipment in the right way. Professional photographers have substantial experience shooting in a variety of circumstances and anticipate in all kind of situations. They concern themselves as much with the quality of an image as they do with the needs and wishes of their customers. In other words they know how to collaborate and think along, they are creative, social, trustworthy, professional and flexible.

You hire a professional photographer because you know they can deliver at any time, knowing quality images costs more money than some one who takes snap shots. When somebody is happy with snap shots then there is nothing wrong with that but ask yourself first what do I need to achieve my goals?

We can't tell you how many times people come up to us and say, “Thats a great camera you have. Your pictures surely will come out great every time, do they?” It's kind of like saying, “I have the same pencil as Rembrandt so I should be able to draw like him.” If that would be true we all would be miljonairs. Being a professional photographer and trying to deliver quality every single time can only be reached by countless days of practice, following training and studies, overcoming problems and disappointments, gathering knowledge via reading tons of books and watching other photographers during their job. First we learned to overcome the struggle with cheap equipment, then we saved money to buy the best gear possible knowing it can make a difference. We know how to use our gear in the best possible way and how to process and edit my photos. Beside that I followed an education as a professional trainer and used my years of experience as a instructor to educate people with a learning style that best fits the students needs and wishes. In other ways I invested time and money to do the things I love to do the most: taking photos, sharing knowledge and writing. 

Your needs and wishes within the photography project will establish the cost and the budget. All expenses are determined in terms of the specific needs and services chosen by the customer. Extra costs could apply in cases like travel-, parking- entrance expenses etc. The planning, set up and the total number of shots that will be taken are the type of decisions that will be discussed together. Rates depend on many factors, so I'd be happy to provide you with a customized quote. Please contact me for more detailed info.
You'r memories are important!!

Below we provide you with an overview of our services.

Photography services

Athletes portfolio
Every (semi)professional athlete or top talent athlete needs to promote him or her self in the best possible way. Not matter if its for the media or if you are in search for sponsorship. It’s of critical importance in this media hungry world that you are aware of the image you portray and how to gain maximum exposure for your selves as an athlete. In this matter we can help you with an Media PR package, going from action and portrait photos for your portfolio, to social media profile photos and the creation of a beautiful website thats fits your needs with constant fresh content.

City scapes
I’ve always been fascinated with cityscapes. There are countless ways to photograph cityscapes, but no matter how it's done, there are some things that they all should have in common: They need to look cool, they should be done in the fantastic light, and they need to represent the location you photograph. I sometimes use long exposure times to “collect” the available light, which imparts a sense of movement and suffuses the scenes with a subtle, emanating light. Cityscape photos must breath the living city feeling.

Commercial photography
Commercial photography simply means all types of photography that are carried out within the world of Commerce and Industry. Whether you are a (inter)national or local advertising agency or a small to large sized business we can create your high quality advertising, interiors, lifestyle or portraits pictures. It’s important to deliver your companies or organisations message and show your customers who you are. Images that get noticed help to promote your business, work or service.  We love to embed your companies DNA in your pictures.

Dog photography
Each dog photo shoot is uniquely designed around the dogs character in a stress-free environment. This will result in high quality professional images that wil last a lifetime. Your dogs photos are the perfect gift for you as a pet owner.

Sports photography
Our goal is to deliver high-quality sports photos with a unique touch, for sports teams and athletes, organising committees, (corporate) sponsors, tournaments, news media, magazines and commercial clients. Organisations of sport tournaments can deliver a fantastic service for athletes, family, coaches and sports teams by hiring professional sports photographers to cover the event. We'll attend your sport event, capture all of the action and make those photos available online for players to download or to order copies.

Beside national and local sport events we have photographed major international events like World Championships table tennis, European Championships Hockey, -Canoeing, -BMX, -Athletics and many other sport events like CHIO Aachen. Sports photography is all about capturing that moment in time that instantly brings back the adrenaline of the game. For us sports photography is all about motion and emotion. Capturing athletes at their best is what we do best! With over 10 years experience in this arena, let us help capture those moments. You focus on your event or game and we’ll focus on creating memories for a lifetime! 

Event photography
When you want to share your success with the world we have the ability to deliver your event photos within 24 hours – or if required, live feeds to your social media team. Our job is to blend in with your guests capturing the essence of the night, engaging with every guest to make sure we photograph them happy, relaxed and soaking up the atmosphere. From pre-function photos, right untill to the last dance, we are constantly looking for these magic moments that your guests will remember for years to come. Providing event coverage, from full studio set up for location shoot & printing or for corporate events, we offer roaming option which can capture the event as it unfolds. Areas that we cover are conferences, roadshows, exhibitions, launches, in-store promotions, gala dinners, red carpet, award ceremonies and presentations, meetings, team-building events, parties and special occasions and festivals. 

Family portraits
No static or boring family photos. Your family, in their favourite outfits, with messed up hair, not in coordinated matching ones, just as you are everyday. Family portraits with us are relaxed, casual, more about capturing everyday moments than posed portraits, they are about the real you. The shoot doesn't take place in a studio but on a family outing, to the forest, a park, castle, on the heath or at your home, where you feel relaxed and the most comfortable.  
Family Portrait sessions take anywhere from 30 minutes to half a day, depending on how many images you like to have. After the shoot we will edit your photos and give you access to an online gallery where you can download your photos or send them to you via WeTransfer. It's our goal to present you with wonderful photos, suitable for your wall, or coffee table. Your family photos are moments in time, so in fiftheen years you look back and remember your real emotions.  

Model photography
Models launching their career need images in different styles for their portfolio. It's our goal is to deliver a variety of stunning images to present to your agent or clients. Depending on your experience and the type of modelling you are pursuing, the type of looks you need for your portfolio will differ.

How do we work? You will never be alone with one photographer. My wife and I always work together during the shoot. Experienced models can book a session in order to update their portfolio, unexperienced models can also be coached on how to pose and use different expressions. We meet in your desired in- or outdoor location. The shoot takes up two to four hours depending on your needs and wishes. During the session we can make a selection of the photos together. Normally a fast shoot does not work thats why we first have a small chat with you in order to get to know each other and create an relaxing atmosphere. This often gives the best results and you look on your best on your photos. After this we will edit your photos and give you access to an online gallery where you can download your photos or we will send them to you via WeTransfer.

Portrait photography
We believe in the beauty of people, photographing them with love and respect and capturing their individuality and uniqueness. A photo is often the first thing your clients see and the last impression they are left with. It’s important to have an photo that looks like you on a good day: confident and approachable. We love to work with actors, musicians, writers, lecturers, business owners, entrepreneurs and companies. In fact, anyone who needs professional, confident and approachable portraits or headshots for their personal use or editorial and advertising purposes.

Wedding photography
Choosing the right photographer is very important. Each person brings their unique perspective, experience and skill when they snap their shutter defining your special moment in time. This is why we are always available to meet you to make sure we are the right fit to capture one of the most important days in your life. There's more to your wedding then a cake to cut: Bride getting ready, groom getting ready, ceremony, family and guests, location portraits, emotive moments, reception. It doesn't matter if your wedding is just for a small group of people or with lots of family, friends and acquaintances. We will make sure your day is shot in the way you like it. Our approach to capturing your day is unobtrusive in a documentary and styled way with light-filled images that sparkle. We want you to enjoy the process and adore the results. We aim to capture your day as it unfolds naturally. 

Photography courses and lectures

This is something thats fits me more then my wife, thats why we develop and teach courses, workshops and lectures. Helping others is another thing we love to do. Because we strongly believe that everybody has a right to learn we love to to share my knowledge and experiences, something that is embedded in my DNA. This is why we dedicate a portion of our time teaching photography, lecturing, and coaching other photographers. Our courses and workshops are open to photographers at all levels of learning. Our extensive knowledge of photography, techniques and people skills help us and help others in over coming the basics and thoroughly enjoying their photography. We offer both one to one and group training sessions. For an overview of the courses and workshops see the list at the top of this page. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and contact mus. 

Communication & Consultancy

Advice photography equipment

Unfortunately we've seen it too many times, people with camera gear that doesn't fit their needs. Money thrown away for no reason at all. Buying the right photography equipment is a daunting task when your not familiar with the photography market. A few useful guides exist to help beginners and experienced photographers choose a good camera, but few people realize that the camera itself is only the first of many pieces of equipment necessary to create a full setup for photography. What camera, lenses, studio equipment fits the best for your needs and wishes. Wether its your budget, the wilderness of all the stuff you can buy or your lack of knowledge we can help you making all the right choices. We'll sit together and after asking you some questions we can come up with the rights choices for you. If you prefer this we can visit a camera store together to communicate in the right ay with the camera store owner or the seller. Buying the write gear will definitely save you much more money in the end. It's all about making the right choices. 

Coaching photographers
There is an old saying: “Those who can take photos and those who can’t, teach photography.”  
This certainly isn’t true in most cases – there are some amazing teachers out there – but with so many photographers turned teachers, it does make you wonder if this statement is true in at least some cases. Having a photography coach can certainly help you in your quest growing as a photographer. Whether it’s Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, virtually every person who has dominated their field has had some form of coaching. We can help you with all kinds of photography and business related issues depending on your field of work. If its getting stronger in knowing your camera-, or studio gear, defining what your skills are, making the right choices regarding photo assignments, putting together a solid portfolio, dealing with customers, better communication with your models, how to grow your business, location search for your photo shoots etc etc. Lets do this together!

Copy writing
The rumour goes that a writer is a pretty cushy “job.” You can work at home, take naps in the middle of the day, vacation a lot, and get paid really well. Unfortunaly the last two things are far from the truth. One of the easiest ways to answer what a writer does is they write all the stuff you get in your mailbox and read on websites, brochures, catalogs and more. Thinking of the right text that does the job and thats delivering the message in the right ay at the right time. It's all about connecting with your clients!

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